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Navien NCB Combi-Boiler

2016 ENERGY STAR Certified.


navian boiler replacement NCB Tankless Water Heaters by Navien offer 98% energy efficiency and more flexibility than any furnace or water heating tank. Period.

This system basically manages to bundle your furnace and hot water’s functions within a small piece of hardware.


Navien combination boilers, (or combi-boilers) afford thousands of homeowners in the GTA and surrounding areas with cutting edge technology that allows almost any home with electricity and running water to repurpose the heat produced from their hot water to heat anything from a small room to an entire home by attaching a recirculation pump


If you are one of those who have come to the realization that the hot water in your heating tank is basically “idling”, waiting to be used, and nothing else, then you’ve uncovered a major benefit to upgrading your home’s water heater and furnace system with a combi-boiler.
boiler navian energy efficient star 2016
Navien NCB combi-boilers can be used in conjunction with virtually any heating system your home already has in place. This means that installation is easy, whether you currently utilize a furnace that disperses heat through ductwork, hone vintage-style baseboard radiators, or have a preexisting floor heating system.


The unit itself is an elegant piece of hardware measuring 24in. (H) x 17in. (W) x 12in. (D). It weighs a mere 73 lb and easily mounts to a wall, which will you valuable floor space.


With electronic ignition and forced draft direct venting in all of Navien’s combi-boilers, you can rest assured that hot water will continue to flow after multiple showers, dishwashing and washing machines are operating simultaneously. Priority is given to heating water, and depending onthe size of your home and the way your combi-boiler is set up, your home won’t lose heat either.



  • Super condensing efficiency
  • Dual stainless steel heat exchangers prevent corrosion
  • SCH40, 2” PVC venting up to 60’ for fast installation
  • ½” Gas pipe up to 24’
  • Automatically refills space heating pipes with water when they are not full
  • Built in CO monitoring sensor with auto shut off your combi boiler if CO2 levelsNavien Remote combi boiler torontoclimb to excessive levels
  • Built in anti-freeze features will automatically ensure that pipes never freeze
  • Built in leak detector will auto shut off your combi boiler if a leak is detected
  • LCD Control Panel (Built in)Integrated easy-to-use LCD button-control panel will match any decor. The controller allows users to modify water temperature in 1˚F Increments
  • 24 Hour Time Scheduling for Space Heating



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Bosch ZBR

2016 ENERGY STAR Certified.


Bosch ZBR GreenStar 96% AFUE Boiler


If you are looking for a stress free high efficiency boiler, the ENERGY STAR certified Bosch Greenstar ZBR boiler line may offer the solution you’re looking for!

Bosch knows that replacing a furnace can cause problems in terms of complying with nitty gritty details.

Bosch ZBR residential boilers are wall mountable and are able to fit the footprint of any old boiler you may be thinking of replacing. Piping is exceptionally, as primary and secondary piping are already taken care of “under its hood”.

The ZBR has a Broad BTU Range in its wall and floor models, which also hone 95% AFUE

Coated Heat Exchanger helps to prevent accumulation of scale, which ultimately decreases the occurrence of breakdowns, increases the unit’s lifespan and increases its efficiency when compared to other types of units.

Over 2 million homeowners have purchased this unit, which hints at its high reliability.

Eco-Friendly features of the Greenstar ZBR include the following.

  • Magnesium-Aluminum-Silicon alloy heat exchanger can deliver up to 95% efficiency with low temperature settings. That’s $0.95 of every $1 going towards heating your home’s water and spaces.
  • Low Carbon Monoxide / Dioxide emissions
  • Intelligent yet simple operation allows you to
  • Low energy consumption when the boiler’s “standby” setting is active
  • Electronic ignition

End user comfort & convenience features

  • Limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty as well as 5 year parts & labor protection
  • Compatible with natural gas or propane
  • Exceptional insulation allows the unit to operate with whisper-quiet operation
  • Built-in frost protection as well as its compact size affords homeowners greater flexibility in choosing a location for the boiler
  • ECO mode for energy saving fuel consumption
  • Exclusive safety feature – keypad safety lock prevents unwanted tampering with the heating controls


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