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Smart Home Works provides a complete line up of Heating and Cooling products and services for your home.


Our service technicians cover Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia: GTA, Calgary, Edmonton, Burnaby, Coquitlam and surrounding communities.



Goodman Furnace Installation, Replacement, and Service in Ontario, Alberta, and BC
Goodman Hi-Efficiency Energy Star (R) Furnaces are the perfect heating system for your home. They are designed to keep you comfortable while keeping your energy bill as low as possible. Goodman equipment uses the latest advances in heating and cooling technology. Our Furnaces are up to 96% AFUE and can save homeowners over 50% on their heating costs.

Air Conditioners

Goodman Air Conditioning Installation Replacement and Service Ontario Alberta and BC
Goodman 2-Stage Air Conditioners provide the ideal cooling system for your home. These Energy Star (R) Air Conditioning Unit can keep your home cool and comfortable for up to 45% less than your typical old AC. Advances to cooling technology allow this 16 SEER unit to save with an ultra quiet and safe new cooling system.


Smart Thermostat Ecobee Ontario Alberta and BC
Smart Home Works provides  leading new technologies to make your home a smart home. Mobile apps help you save money and keep in touch with your home from the comfort of your bed or on vacation overseas.

Water Heaters

High Efficiency Water Heaters installation and buy


Every Canadian homeowner requires a reliable water heater to make their house a home. Whether for mundane chores like dishes and laundry or to facilitate a comfortable bath / shower, a quality water heater is a very important piece of hardware that can help you avoid the shock of a cold shower in the winter months.


combi boiler equipment toronto calgary edmonton
Boilers are complex heating systems that effectively heat what you need using steam. Like a water heater, a boiler can store hot water, but unlike a heating tank, steam propagates through pipes and eventually trickles back into the boiler once the water cools down. A boiler is both able to heat your home and your home’s water, which can save you money over a low efficiency furnace or boiler, older than 10 years old.


central furnace humidifier thermostat accessories
Improving a home’s air quality can be a concern for many Canadians, especially parents. What can start out as dry skin can turn into sinus congestion and sickness. Dry and dusty air recirculates quite easily, and can be tamed by installing a whole home humidifier, which can be attached to virtually any furnace model. Modern whole home humidifiers source their water directly from your water tank, and can be configured with your thermostat to ensure that your home automatically achieves an optimal humidity level.



Smart Home Works helps homeowners manage their home by providing comprehensive service plans to protect and maintain your home heating and cooling systems.



Maintenance Plans

furnace insurance repairman handyman

A low monthly fee paid to Smart Home Works will provide you with yearly hardware maintenance, which includes tune ups, cleanings and much more.

Complete Plans

furnace boiler heater protection plan toronto calgary

Preventive and proactive options to ensure you don’t get left out in the cold (or the sweltering heat, depending on the month of the year).

Protection Plans

furnace warranty protection canadaYour furnace, air conditioner or boiler can suddenly stop working for numerous reasons and we understand the frustration this can cause. Protect your investment with Smart Home Works’ Protection plan.



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