Frequently Asked Questions

I Have A Problem With My Furnace, Can I Fix It Myself?
My furnace is working, why should I change it?

Functionality and operational costs are two completely separate concerns. A furnace can function for an average of 10-15 years however, the cost of operation on a mid-efficiency or a single stage high-efficiency furnace could cost up to 55% more on heating and cooling costs than new equipment, which is a lot more quiet and improves your indoor air quality.

Why do the upstairs bedrooms lack heat in the winter and cooling in the summer compared to the rest of the house?

If your furnace is more than 7 years old, it likely operates at one speed. All on, or all off. This means the home is heated or cooled too quickly resulting in uneven temperatures throughout the house. The new ECM motor, running at variable speeds, helps eliminate these hot and cold spots by only using the energy required to have an even temperature throughout all floors of the home.

Why are there grants available to upgrade my Furnace and A/C and how long do they last?

There are currently several incentives available to upgrade heating and cooling equipment. These are offered by governments, utilities and other institutions because they reduce our environmental impact and can help minimize the need to build additional power plants. There are also exclusive Home Works Rebates available, however no rebates can last forever, and they may be cancelled at any time. Contact Smart Home Works now to learn about the rebates available in your area.

Who is Smart Home Works?

Smart Home Works is one of North America’s fastest growing home services companies with thousands of customers in Canada and the US. Our mission is to help all homeowners save money and benefit the environment. We are recognized as a leader in the industry and provide solutions for existing homeowners and new home builders.

How much does a furnace and air conditioner cost?

Hi-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners typically cost $8,000-$10,000 or sometimes more from many major retailers. Smart Home Works believes its better to buy assets that appreciate but doesn’t make sense to buy assets that depreciate and require continual service and maintenance. With the help of some great organizations we’ve developed the Home Works Program that allows homeowners to upgrade their heating and cooling equipment at $0 up front and a low monthly rental fee that is offset by energy and operating savings. That’s the Smart Way to heat and cool your home!